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Visit our Kahhak Publishing Events page to learn about the various literary events we’ve participated in. Our goal is to keep readers informed about our involvement in book events. Stay updated on our latest engagements and connect with the literary community.
Event Name Annoucement Date Last Submit Date Result Date View Result
Twenty Twenty15-05-202315-06-202315-07-2023Click here
Beemar Aaotaay Jeebon15-06-202315-07-202315-08-2023Click here
Bhooter Khonje Bartaman01-08-202301-09-202301-10-2023Click here
Bonedi Barir Durgapujo01-09-202301-11-202315-12-2023Click here
Ek Shilpir Jeebon Nama01-05-202401-06-202401-07-2024Click here
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