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Accepting Unsolicited Manuscripts from New Writers.

We welcome submissions from both new and previously published authors. Please see below for our submission guidelines.

What is the aim of Kahhak Publishers?

Kahhak Publishers aims to be at the forefront of the ever-changing publishing industry.

Under our imprint we are able to deliver a wide variety of genres including: fiction, non-fiction and children’s.

Do Kahhak Publishers offer both traditional and hybrid publishing contracts to the authors?

Yes, we offer both traditional and hybrid publishing contracts to our authors. This enables us to provide equal opportunities to both new and established authors. Each of our departments are solely dedicated to our authors and their knowledge and expertise will see that your work is taken care of from production through to marketing and is of the highest possible standard.

Does Kahhak Publishers have its warehouse?

Yes we have our own warehouse, having our own warehouse and distribution centre allows us to respond quickly to orders from buyers around the globe.

How I can submit my work?

If you would like to submit your work to us, please read our submission guidelines.

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